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At Apollo Teaching Services, we offer free accredited Continuing Professional Development training for all our staff.

Our training provides Apollo staff with the opportunity to:

  • Enhance their skills.
  • Increase their confidence.
  • Refresh their knowledge to ensure it remains relevant.

In the last quarter alone, over 840 people completed CPD and Safeguarding courses with Apollo.

Latest Course:

Safeguarding of Children in Education Level 2 Info

Dedicated Training Co-Ordinator

We have a dedicated Training Co-Ordinator who collects feedback from our courses to make sure they are of the highest standard. The training we offer is continually monitored to make sure that we provide the sessions that are most required by both our staff and schools.

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Below you’ll be able to find information on all of our current courses. To book your place, simply fill out the contact forms provided and our Training Co-Ordinator will ensure you’re booked on.

Online Safeguarding Course

Please Note: It is a mandatory requirement that all candidates joining Apollo Teaching Services undertake and pass our online Safeguarding assessment within 3 months of registration.

Our Safeguarding assessment will teach you how to:

  • Understand what is meant by the term Safeguarding.
  • Recognise the different signs, symptoms and behaviours of potential abuse.
  • Introduction to adverse childhood experiences.
  • Understand what to do if you are concerned about a child, young person or adult.
  • Understand your role and responsibility with suspicion or disclosure of abuse.
  • Be aware of the issues of capacity and consent.
  • Understand your own and others’ duty to report a concern or incidents.

The New Curriculum in Wales

The What, Why and How of Curriculum Change in Wales. Split across two modules, this course is designed to give a concise overview of everything you need to know about the new curriculum in Wales.

This professional learning opportunity is suitable for all educational staff.  Apollo Teaching Services encourages all supply staff to attend.

Module 1

  • Fundamental differences in curriculum design and delivery of our new Curriculum in Wales.
  • An overview of all the specific elements that form the new Curriculum.
  • Focus on core elements, such as 4 Purposes for Learning, Areas of Learning and Experience, Statements of What Matters and Descriptions of Learning.

Module 2

  • Building on the core elements and moving forward to address all other aspects of the new Curriculum including mandatory requirements.
  • Focus on such crucial elements as the Principles of Progression, cross-curricular and cross-cutting themes and the vital underpinning 12 Pedagogical Principles of our new Curriculum.

Team Teach ‘Positive Behaviour Management Level One’

Apollo Teaching Services is offering the Team Teach ‘Positive Behaviour Management Level One’ training course free of charge to all our staff.

The course provides individuals with practical, interactive training, designed to transform participants’ practice in the workplace.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is operating in a low-risk primary or secondary school setting would benefit from this course, which offers a grounding in positive behaviour management strategies applicable across these environments.

Participants will learn how to;

  • Increase understanding and awareness of behaviour as communication and develop a framework to better respond to reduce risk.
  • Develop a greater team dynamic in supporting individuals who are distressed with approaches that have an impact and strengthen relationships.
  • Utilise a toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, both verbal and non-verbal for supporting with disruptive and distressed behaviours.
  • Execute simple and safe positive handling techniques including personal safety, appropriate for a low-risk environment (If required by your setting). Our techniques are situated within a respectful, supportive approach to behaviour support strategies which maintains positive relationships.

Flexebee Online Courses

Basic Math Certification

Covering topics such as: Several key terms used to describe math operations, what the proper order of operations is when tackling a complex mathematical equation and how to use proportions to solve mathematical equations.

Basic English Certification

Covering topics such as: Information about the two necessary parts of a sentence, the four different types of past tense and when to use each one, the difference between a direct and an indirect object and the four different types of present tense.

Safeguarding of Children in Education Level 2 Info

Covering topics such as: Understanding what safeguarding children is, learning legislation and responsibilities of those that work with children or their families and learning how to identify signs of abuse.

Internet Safety Awareness Info

Covering topics such as: Learning simple techniques to help stay safe when browsing the internet. Understanding the risks associated with social networking. Raising awareness of the risks of newer technologies as they continue to support our lives.

Infection Prevention Control in Schools

Covering topics such as: Understanding the chain of infection and the role of infectious agents in education, learning how to use PPE effectively and understanding the importance of hygiene in preventing infection.

SEND Code of Practice

Covering topics such as: The special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0-25 years, establishing effective partnerships across education, health and care, maintaining and reviewing the EHC Plan.

Preventing Radicalisation

Covering topics such as: Explaining what the Prevent duty means for schools and childcare providers, Making clear what schools and childcare providers should do to demonstrate compliance with the duty.

Paediatric First Aid Blended Learning

Covering topics such as: Understanding the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider, being able to assess an emergency situation safely, understanding how to provide first aid to an infant and a child with anaphylaxis.

Food Safety Level 3

Covering topics such as: Allergies and intolerances, food poisoning, legislation, food safety enforcement, microbiology, pest control, waste disposal, temperature control and storage.

Food Hygiene and Safety in Education

Covering topics such as: Food Hygiene and Safety in Education, discussing the importance of correct storage of foods, identifying how bacteria, viruses and parasites cause food-borne illnesses and the symptoms associated.

Fire safety in education

Covering topics such as: Learning about the nature of fire including the three triangle element, understanding the importance of fire safety training in education including legislation and policy creation.

Dyslexia Awareness

Covering topics such as: Understanding what dyslexia is, learning about the prevalence of dyslexia and how it is diagnosed, understanding the ways that dyslexia can affect learning and understanding visual stress and the causes.

Diet and Nutrition

Covering topics such as: Describing what is meant by the term nutrition, understanding the importance of fruit and vegetables in diet, and describing malnutrition and how it affects the body.

Diabetes Awareness

Covering topics such as: Explaining what Diabetes is, describing the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and how these are managed and how to recognise emergency situations related to Diabetes.

Allergen Awareness

Covering topics such as: Legislation regarding allergen awareness, responsibilities of the operator and the consumer, impact of legislation on staff, the difference between a good allergy and intolerance.

Understanding Asthma

Covering topics such as: Defining what asthma is, understanding the symptoms of an asthma attack, and the common triggers of an attack, identifying the different treatments for asthma, including inhalers.

Cyber Security in Education

Covering topics such as: identifying threats in the online world, and the effects of cybercrime, understanding what a cyber-attack is, the types, and how to minimise the risk, understanding what information needs protecting.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Covering topics such as: Recognising what ACEs are, understanding trauma including the concept of ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’, learning what toxic stress is, and its effects on the brains of children and young people.

Concussion in Schools

The aim of this course is to greater increase your knowledge of concussion and the signs of concussion in children and young people, as well as the relevant legislation.

Equality and Diversity in Education

The aim of this Equality and Diversity in Education course is to greater increase your knowledge of Equality and Diversity in an education setting.

Stress Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand what stress is. The main points covered are: Understanding what causes stress and how to spot it, Describing how stress can affect a team, Describing ways of coping with stress

GDPR Awareness

Covering: Understanding relevant legislation, Defining personal data, Describing who the GDPR applies to, Listing the 7 key principles, Describing what is meant by a lawful basis for processing, Listing an individual’s rights under the GDPR, etc.

Food Safety Level 2

Covering topics: Understand the basics of food law, Hazards to food, HACCP from purchase to service, Personal hygiene, Premises, Food pests, Cleaning and disinfection 

Autism Awareness

Covering topics such as: Recognise what autism is, Understand what ASD is, Identifying characteristics of someone that has autism, Identifying how to care for someone with autism, Understand how to enable those with autism.

Mental Health Awareness Info

Covering topics such as: Defining the term Mental health, Describing how you might spot a possible mental health disorder, Making referrals, Supporting those with mental health disorders, Discrimination and stigma.

Emergency First Aid Awareness

Covering topics such as: Managing incidents, Basic life support, CPR, Control of bleeding, Choking, Anaphylaxis, Examination of a casualty, Unconsciousness, Head injury, Strains and Sprains, Shock.

Challenging Behaviour Awareness

The aim of this Challenging Behaviour training course is to greater increase your understanding of challenging behaviour, its causes and outcomes, as well as relevant legislation.

Disability Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you possess a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people living with disability to achieve their potential.

Learning Disability Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Learning Disabilities and are aware of its causes.

Time Management Awareness

This course has been designed to ensure that you understand what time management is and can recognise how to manage time effectively.

Understanding Epilepsy

The aim of this Understanding Epilepsy training is to greater increase your knowledge of epilepsy and how to treat epileptic children or young adults in educational settings.

Understanding Anxiety in Education

The aim of the Understanding Anxiety in Education training course is to help prepare teachers and education industry employees on what are the signs and effects of anxiety in an educational environment.

Supporting Staff Well Being in Schools

The aim of this Wellbeing training for schools is to greater increase your knowledge of Staff Wellbeing in Schools. Covering: What can impact staff wellbeing, The cost of mental health, Common mental health problems etc.

ADHD Awareness

Our ADHD courses aim to provide schools and those directly involved with an understanding of ADHD and how it affects children and young people. Covering: What ADHD is, Causes and symptoms, Effects of ADHD, How to support, Reporting.