Healthy Living with Lloyd Ashley


Lloyd Ashley is a professional rugby player for the Ospreys. As a full time athlete he fully understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. His session covers the basics of nutrition and fitness and encourages all children to think about the small changes they can make to become healthier.

The workshop runs for two hours, and comprises of one hour of theory and one hour of activity. The physical side of the session is suitable for children of all levels of fitness, and it covers skills from a range of sports including netball, football and rugby. Children are encouraged to try something new in an inclusive and fun environment.

With the support of a class teacher, Lloyd will take the students through the traffic light system for foods, ball skills and gentle exercise.

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The session is suitable for year 5 and 6 students. Requests can be made for the session to coincide with any related topics students might be studying over the course of the academic year.

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We've had an excellent response to this session, but don't just take our word for it...

Evan Richards, Porthcawl Primary

Last week Porthcawl Primary had a visit from former pupil and Osprey player Lloyd Ashley. The afternoon was a huge success. The pupils really enjoyed the practical session and learned about making healthy choices in the classroom activity. Lloyd worked well with all the pupils and the pupils responded really well to him. It was a great experience for them to have a positive role model in class. Lots of our pupils are aiming to be football and rugby players so it was very aspirational to have Lloyd in to talk about his experiences.

Rebecca Owen at Blaengarw School

Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of being involved in the Healthy Living session with Lloyd Ashley. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were totally engaged the whole time. The classroom activity was informative and stressed the importance of looking after your body – the programme linked perfectly to the new curriculum and the Core Purpose of being a healthy, confident individual. When outside, Lloyd again kept the children focused and delivered a well organised session. All children thought that Lloyd was great and really wanted to please him. A massive thank you to Apollo for organising.

Mrs Griffiths, Mynydd Cynffig Primary School

‘It’s very interactive … Lloyd has good control of the children and they responded to him really well. He’s got lots of little things in place to keep them on task and he’s doing a good job of leading the session…It was a nice presentation at the beginning, with an introduction to the healthy active side of it, before doing some quite fun and entertaining little bits and pieces which are not orientated to a specific sport, which is very important… There’s a lot of laughter! In terms of Lloyd and his management I can’t fault that at all. He’s done some things where the children have decided as well so he’s not just dictated what they should be doing. It’s very much that they all can take part…They are all very much engaged in what they’re doing, and they are all wanting to do it. I think it’s a great session.’

Cai, Year 6 pupil

‘The best bit was bringing Lloyd in and meeting him. I didn’t know much about him but I’d watched him play rugby… We’re doing netball, but when we get to the line we have to dab it down like a rugby – a hybrid game!’

Evie, Year 6 pupil

‘I’ve found it really helpful…The best bit is getting involved with all our friends’.

Mr Harris, Oakfield Primary School

‘Lloyd very quickly established an excellent rapport with the children. The content and delivery of the session was relevant and accessible to all pupils. Lloyd safely managed and organised his resources well and all pupils responded extremely well to Lloyd’s professional approach. It was clear that all pupils enjoyed the session.

I felt he was extremely pro-active and engaging, able to adapt quickly to the change of circumstances and not be phased in any way. Well prepared and an excellent role model!

Diolch, Lloyd! ‘

Tonysguboriau Primary School

The session went really well. The children were excited and engaged fully in all of the activities. The session was well planned out and organised. It was fortunate that we had the weather and were able to work outside. However, the provider had plenty of contingency ideas for working indoors. He engaged well with the children and built up a very good rapport with them. We would certainly be grateful for any other activities you could send our way. At Tonysguboriau we put P.E and sport high on our agenda. We try to encourage all children to participate in whatever way they are able to. You sent us a top man! He is such a lovely person. Many thanks to him and to Apollo for the opportunity and we look forward to the next

Blaengarw Primary School

The children of Blaengarw thoroughly enjoyed Lloyd Ashley’s session. The children remained focused and enthusiastic through the 2.5 hour session. Lloyd was extremely good with the children and had a wonderful sense of humour. The indoor session was informative and resources were suitable. When outdoors, all equipment was provided and all children loved all games. Afterwards, Lloyd was willing to answer questions which gave the children a good opportunity to get to know him. A massive thank you to Lloyd and Apollo for organising this afternoon.

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